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Easy to install, this digital display is made specifically to fit 1984-1989 Corvettes and can be purchased with a red, white, blue or green LED display. The long-lasting, super bright LED’s allows for an easy readable dash display. Nine different parameters can be closely followed with these digital automotive gauges; speed, RPM, water, oil pressure, air/fuel mixture, fuel level, voltage, transmission temperature, and oil temperature. Each Intellitronix Direct Replacement Digital Dash comes with a lifetime guarantee and everything you need for installation including a step-by-step manual and tool kit.

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Corvette Car Care Kit


Elevate your Corvette’s allure with the American Hydrocarbon Car Care Kit. Tailored for C5, C6, C7, and C8 models, this kit combines a unique Hydrocarbon Formula with premium cleaners and protectants, ensuring your Corvette shines with elegance and distinction. Experience unmatched care for your automotive masterpiece.

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C8 Trunk surround and wiper cowl


Upgrade your Corvette’s aesthetics effortlessly with our C8 Trunk Surround and Wiper Cowl, available in stunning carbon fiber or any OEM color of your choice. Achieve the perfect blend of style and customization, giving your Corvette a unique and eye-catching appearance.

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C8 Corvette High Wing


Elevate your C8 Corvette’s style and performance with the BBV Customs C8 Corvette High Wing. Crafted for enthusiasts who demand the best, this high wing spoiler is the ultimate blend of aerodynamics and aesthetics. Precision-engineered to fit seamlessly and enhance your Corvette’s look, it’s the perfect addition for those who crave both form and function. Upgrade your ride with BBV Customs and experience the difference today!

Please Email us at sales@bbvcustoms.com with your vehicle paint code or contact us in chat.

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  • Item #: c5-c-interior-001
  • Manufacturer: BBV Customs
  • Condition: New
  • Give us a call at 830-481-5422 for a custom quote
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C5 Custom Seats


  • Item #: C5-cseats-001
  • Manufacturer: BBV Customs
  • Condition: New
  • Call today to get a quote 830-481-5422
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